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Just-in-time support

when your students need it

Turn study frustration into success

Most students need study help after 7pm and on weekends.

With the YourTutor Connect Live Service, universities can extend their study support after-hours, and help their students right when they seek it.

It is expert, personalised, one-to-one intervention on-demand, increases academic capability, enhances confidence, and improves the student's study experience overall. 

Find out how here. 

Get live, on-demand, online help

With the on-demand service, help is ready when you are. Students bring a question or concept they are stuck on, and will connect in just 5 minutes or less to an expert who can help get them back on track.

Open times and subjects might differ between tertiary providers, students can check their service inside YourTutor after sign in.

Tertiary Bridging

  • Maths {_icon_download_} Sample (.pdf)
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Business studies

First Year

English and Literacy

  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Referencing

Academic Skills

  • Research and information gathering
  • Study skills
  • Library skills 


An introduction for students




Watch this quick video to see the two different sides to our service: live* and on-demand as well as 24/7 writing feedback.

*Please note the live service is currently only available in selected countries.

Standards that educators trust

All learning support delivered by YourTutor is based in constructivist methodology and problem-based learning. Our foundation principle is to deliver educational experiences that are academically sound, honest and ethical. 

{_icon_download_} We invite all educators to read our policies and methodologies document.

{_icon_download_} Our Academic Integrity Policy  underpins everything we do.

Proud supporter of leading educators