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Expert help is only a click away (and it's free for you).

Get help with your academic writing, including English grammar and spelling, structure and flow - in less than 24 hours - just by uploading your draft to YourTutor.




Online, anywhere

Because your best work might be done at your favourite coffee shop, at home, or at the student centre on campus. Use YourTutor wherever you are.



You're busy with life, we know you fit in study whenever you can, as often as you can. We're here for you 365 days a year (yep, even if you need writing help on Christmas Eve.) 



Forgotten grammar rules? Stuck on sentence structure? There's no such thing as a silly question. Ask away.


99.97% of writing feedback is returned in under 24 hours. That's incredible!

Wait... why not 100% in under 24 hours? There are sometimes extreme surges in demand; plus, we're all real people here (no robots), that's why you get such amazing support. 

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 "Thanks heaps YourTutor. This is my very first attempt at academic writing and I was very stressed to say the least. Your constructive feedback has been warmly received. I am extremely grateful."

- Swinburne Online, Australia

"My tutor was really helpful, I was mostly nervous about my writing style and grammar. YourTutor is a great way to get another opinion and set of eyes on your work "

- RMIT University, Australia

"Excellent feedback and quick turn around of the submitted work. I honestly feel like my writing is going to improve from this point on with YourTutor, thanks!

- Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand

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